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Doric Transport Equipment

Innovating Car Carriers for Tomorrow


Welcome to Doric Transport Equipment.

DTE is a family owned & operated company that was established in 1998 to cater for the road transport sector of Australia.

Originally starting out building 40’ & 53’ skel trailers & 40’ flatbed trailers.

In 2007 DTE embarked on building car carriers for the then Patricks Autocare. Since this beginning we have evolved our trailers with a focus on improvements to vehicle loading, vehicle configuration & more importantly operator safety. We now have over 100 7/8 car carriers, 2 B-triple/road trains (19 car carriers) & 2 off the more recent 4 car carriers on the road in Australia.

Our sister company Doric Engineering provides all the design & manufacturing services to evolve all of our equipment from where it started to where it is now and into the future.

In 2016 the development of our now patented lift system referred to as GEM was initiated. The same year we were approached by a customer to develop a 4 car carrier. A perfect opportunity to implement the GEM system. The system was prototyped with great success & the first 4 car carrier was delivered in September the same year with build number 2 being delivered shortly after in January of 2017.

Currently in development utilising this proven system is our larger 7/8 car carriers which will decrease trailer tare weight, decrease incremental locking positions & eliminate rope lifting which significantly decreases on-going maintenance expenses for the owner.

Our most recent build was to designed & manufactured 2 purpose built HML B-Doubles to transport ingots from plant to point of redistribution for Toll Tasmania.


Doric Engineering Contact Information

Monday to Friday: 8am to 6pm.